Not a whole lot to report on the Peace Corps front at the moment. I submitted Final Paperwork, Round 32534982082 this week (and – inshallah – that will be more or less the last of it before staging.) There’s a zen to filling out visa forms in duplicate, to be certain, but other than that? All is quiet. I leave in 34 days. I told my Africana Studies professor about my impending trip and he immediately recommended ELEVENTY BILLION books I should read (God – err, Nhialic – bless him). Might be hard to get that done in 34 days.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming …



And now, the part for which you’ve all been holding your breath … who am *I* rooting for? The answer may seem fairly obvious:


For one, I like it when host countries win. For another, I think it would be fabulous for an SSA nation to take home the big prize during the first African World Cup hosting event EVER. Also, I think they have a pretty good team, all things considered. And finally … they could use some national unity right now. Winning the biggest sporting event in the world sure as hell wouldn’t be a bad thing these days.

Failing that – or rather, “Teams I’m Rooting For That Stand a Decent Chance of Winning” – I’ll be happy to root for whoever knocks out Italy. I’m still a little sore over the 2006 World Cup, truth be told. I also would be happy to see England win. They’re my second choice. Spain number three; I keep hearing about how good a team they’re fielding, but I don’t know as much as I should. We’ll see.

Also … the US team? If it doesn’t lose in the FIRST ROUND like it usually does? I will be so, so proud.