Yep, it’s another World Cup entry. But instead of wiffling philisophically about the geopolitics of football, this is just to continue the cheering, stomping, hooting, and shouting that’s left me all but voiceless for the evening.

As I probably mentioned in a past entry, we have a strict 6:30 curfew for the duration of training — which makes it impossible to watch an entire World Cup match (although I stayed until halftime the other day, OH THE SCANDAL OF ALMOST NOT BEING ON TIME.) However, today, the US played Algeria. This is an important game because it basically was a decider as to whether the US progressed to the next round or not. Now, I’ve talked a lot of trash, but our team this year is the best we’ve ever had, in my opinion. It’s been close. After a great deal of begging, pleading, guilting, and general whininess, permission was granted for us to miss curfew and watch the game. Following training, we all raced down to the local equivalent of a sports bar, where we settled ourselves with Fanta (at least I did; it’s Wednesday, after all) just in time for the national anthem.

Want an exciting cultural experience? Situate yourself in a giant group of Americans, in an African pub, during the “Time for Africa” World Cup, and root for the team playing against Africa. There were some … eh … tense moments, but it’s all in good fun. No rioting or bloodshed.

America played a great game, and scored in overtime NINETY SECONDS before the clock ran out. It was *amazing*. And *fantastic*. And *beautiful*. And I am rather sad that Africa has had a poorer World Cup showing than hoped, but I am SO PROUD OF MY HOMELAND RIGHT NOW AND THEIR ABILITY TO FEIGN INTEREST IN A SPORT WE GENERALLY SUCK AT.


Anyway, my computer has 11 minutes of charge left, and I still haven’t checked my e-mail. I’ll try to check in again this weekend.