In lieu of something clever and cute (because I’m on public internet and the clock is ticking), I’ll get right down to business: I have a new mailing address.

If you want to to be my absolute hero until the end of time, send me a letter. Or a magazine. Or PHOTOGRAPHS – I have NO photographs with me (I forgot to bring them) and since my camera vanished I’ve lost any reminders I have of friends and family and all that. Want me to remember what you look like? Snap a picture, stuff it in an envelope, and ship it off to my empty little apartment in Kenya.

If you want to send a package, I will give you my firstborn. PLEASE read the package sending instructions first if you actually want it to reach me, found under the “Contact Me” link in the sidebar.

If you want to send something expensive/fragile/hard to replace, like a Debit card or small work of priceless art, e-mail me first so we can figure out how best to accomplish this.


Kathleen Megan Humphreys
Box 784 – Code 80202

**The “CODE” part is reeeeaaally important if you actually want it to make it to me.**

You can still use the old address, too – which is still on the contact page – but that gets routed through the Peace Corps office, so it will take longer.