Hey folks,

I’ve been tinkering a bit with the blog lately. Most of it will be what you already know and love, but you may notice …

1) New header! Slightly more interesting than the “vague artsy hipster tree” that came from WordPress when I started this thing.

2) Wish list page! I’ve gotten a rather unexpected number of e-mails/facebook messages/etc lately saying “I CAN SEND U STUFF?!” Yes, you are welcome to. Not required, of course. But if you’re interested, check out that page for suggestions.

3) Subscription function! If you’d prefer to receive your blog posts directly to your inbox, I’ve put the subscription function in a more accessible location. Enter your e-mail address in the box below the Kenyan flag in the lefthand sidebar, click “submit,” and follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail.

4) New tags! Probably not exciting to anyone else. But yeah. Oodles of those.