Today is Jamhuri Day – or rather, YESTERDAY was Jamhuri Day, but no one was at work so we have to observe it today so everyone gets their requisite day off. Three day weekend! WOO! I’m thinking of making holiday-themed no-bakes today to celebrate, but that would require getting out of bed. It’s after 9:30 in the morning and I still haven’t even untucked my mosquito net, let alone brushed my teeth or done anything marginally useful.

If I have the time/energy later, I will try to upload some World AIDS Day event pictures and do a post about that later this week.

Yeah, life in the Peace Corps is a lot like this sometimes.

I have stolen this graph from the gut-explodingly hilarious blog Hyperbole and a Half. Read that post, and I promise you, you will find yourself nodding along. Or possibly being eaten by bearsharks.