Now, if I wanted to be a real buzzkill, I could get out my metaphorical knife o’ colonial deconstruction and tear this song apart – its gross inaccuracies, its uncomfortable paternalism, its irksome generalizations, its deeply neocolonial undertones. I could launch into my well-worn treatise on the scholarly maelstrom of debate regarding the efficacy of famine relief and the sociopolitical context of Ethiopia’s famines. I could even point out that there is INDEED snow in Africa this Christmas: on top of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and in the mountains in South Africa. I could even take a shot at the 1980s and their predilection for unfortunate hair.

But it’s Christmas time. Let’s put it aside, just for now. How about I leave all that for next year, and instead post a good video of an historic event, and let us all be lifted just a little by the sentiment that even when we’re at our most celebratory we still need to spare a thought (or a hand!) for our fellow human beings who aren’t as blessed as we?

So please excuse the mullets. Take it away, Boy George.