Photos taken last week at my Dabaso child health outreach. This was the cutest herd of little girls in the Southern hemisphere. I had a hard time getting a good picture because every time I pointed the camera at them, they all froze up and started giggling nervously.

Check out the one hamming it up for the camera, bottom right.

They were playing a game called … well. When I was their age, my West Virginian gym teacher called it “Chinese Jumprope,” but there’s probably something un-PC about that. But it involves taking a loop of twine, pulling it taut between two girls, then hopping in and out of the narrow space in the middle. If you look carefully, you can see their rope in the picture – it’s red/orange.

Not only were they nearly all perfect at it, leaping deftly in and out of a loop well above their knees without a bobble or flaw, but they did it in calf-length skirts. I have never been, and will never be, that coordinated. It made me want to trip over something nonexistent and fall on my face just watching them.