In the past week, I’ve gotten over a dozen TWENTY blog hits from people who arrived after googling “Is the Peace Corps still necessary/relevant/serving its intended purpose?” or some variation thereof. A lot of it probably stems from either the recent (misguided) Foreign Policy on the subject or the ongoing battle over budget cuts that include a loss of $69 million to the Peace Corps.

In my humble opinion the answer is “yes.” In addition to providing fresh training to community health workers and helping to implement measures addressing achievement and educational attainment shortfalls (both things I work with in my own daily life), the Peace Corps has provided me with this opportunity to harass you all with my frequent blogging. So, DUH.

I considered doing a more in-depth posting on the subject, but dangit, another PCV beat me to it. I would like to direct your attention now to:

Why We Still Need the Peace Corps is a thoughtful and articulate piece on the subject. The individual who wrote it is a fellow Public Health volunteer serving in Kenya, and does a much more thorough job of dismantling arguments against PC than I probably would have. So shoo, get over there! Let someone else blogsit your attention for a while. I have to finish this IGA presentation.