There was a really interesting article in Foreign Policy about how lifesaving cholera interventions have come from developing countries to the developed world, not the other way around. Pretty timely, given the world water week festivities I’ve been participating in/blogging about (did you notice? Did I tell you? World Water Day was Monday.) I’ve done the hands-on ORS demonstration with every health class I’ve ever worked with and it really cements it in the students’ minds. For my fourth and fifth graders, getting them to stand up and do a demo in front of their peers is challenge enough, but for my middle schoolers, I like to make it a little more fun.

Every volunteer gets an ingredient – and a blindfold. The audience gets to shout out instructions, adding to the chaos. If the girl without the blindfold looks concerned, it’s because she has to drink whatever they make.

It is, of course, absolutely ridiculous. But by God, the information retention following this exercise is awesome.

(Anyone else who wants to taste it usually gets a shot, too. It really isn’t so bad! Don’t let that girl’s expression fool you.)