Remember when I showed you a picture of a lovely shaded avenue and warned you that 90% of my area doesn’t look like that? Here’s the rest.

Yep … that’s most of my commute. Rocks, sand, and scrubby low-growing vegetation that needs minimal water. But hey, it’s home 🙂

Anyway, it’s exam week, so I’m running around trying to get everything sorted out with my kids and my schools. On top of that, I’m leaving early next week for some training activities: first I’ll be assisting in (and learning about) a girl’s empowerment program in Nyanza, then I’ll be skipping up to Western Province for on-site education about developing ICT projects with limited means and in rural communities. They’re both great opportunities and I’m tremendously excited – plus the fact that I’ll be learning from fellow PCVs is a fabulous bonus. All in all, I’ll be gone for about ten days. It’s going to be wonderful.

In preparation, I have a number of last-minute arrangements and meetings to be taken care of, so I won’t be posting much (if anything) before then. While on the road I may not have ready access to the internet at all times: I may be in transit, deep in the bush, or just tied up with other things. I am asking for your forgiveness in advance. I hope to resume a regular posting schedule when I return April 14. I’ll come back with plenty of new pictures, ideas for posts, and other things to keep you glued to this, the best of all blogs ever created for any reason ever.

In the meantime, to address withdrawal symptoms, I recommend clicking the “COOL LINKS” link in the lefthand sidebar. See it? Right there? Good. There you will find plenty of wit and wisdom from other Kenya volunteers to keep you occupied.

Or you could, you know, go read a book.

Be well, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

Love always,