Holy centipede monsters, it’s been a long time since I updated this thing. Oi. A great deal of endless back-to-back travel (with just enough down time in the middle to get me out of The Zone and make it feel like a hassle again) has left me feeling like I spent more time on a matatu in April than I honestly spent in any one place. But I am home now, and the training I was supposed to attend next week has been postponed, so I have a little more time to recover and do laundry before I have to bring my A-game back to my projects. WHICH I WILL BE TELLING YOU MORE ABOUT, I promise! I had hoped to update around tax day with that information, but that didn’t happen (as you can see). I will be a better blogger. I promise. Just … not quite yet.

In the meantime, I have uploaded some pictures from the Transition Day I did with my friend Brianne. I crossed the country to learn about how she runs her girl’s empowerment programs and got to help her lead a whole seminar about becoming a woman. Menstruation was a particular emphasis, and the focal point was making reusable sanitary pads with the girls – I know you’re sitting there going “EWWW GROSS” but if you’ve ever had a nosebleed you had to wash out of a t-shirt, you’d done worse. The truth is that LOTS of girls don’t have access to any feminine hygiene projects, so they end up just staying home during their periods. These absences add up very quickly and are a contributing factor in the high drop-out rates among girls. Something as simple as a wash cloth and some buttons can help empower a young woman to reach her educational goals. Crazy, really, but you forget how much the little things matter.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and I’ll be back in action as soon as I can.

The girls in this program range in ages from sixth to eighth grade and, in general, are utterly charming.