“Meaningless! Meaningless! Everything is utterly meaningless.”
– Ecclesiastes 1:2 [NIV]


I have been quite busy the last two weeks or so, and thus I haven’t had a chance to blog. Heck, I’ve scarcely had a chance to check my e-mail, so I’m using the newfound block of free time I had previously devoted to studying for the GRE to lie on floor eating plantain chips and reading The Awl. (Why on the floor? Why not my lovely couch? Or my lovelier bed? Because SHUT UP!) I’ve taken the GRE, I’ve been to the Peace Corps office for various medical and administrative things, I’ve shepherded my ducklings around to the best of my ability. I’ve finished some grant proposal revisions, printed out my vacation paperwork, and started on the monthly report that’s not due for another two weeks. I’ve had some long-delayed conversations. Now is as good a time as any for catching up on internet goodness.

Imagine my joy when I checked my WordPress “site stats” and discovered two things: one, that my blog has received just shy of 12,000 hits, and two, that someone arrived here by googling “Mombasa province land crossword clue.” Crossword Dude, if you’re still reading, try “Coast.” Or, if there are some letters that don’t make sense – “Pwani.” Which is the Swahili name.

You’re welcome.

I suppose the title of this post is misleading. If I myself were a crossword clue, it would probably be along the lines of “Five letters, incredible blonde badass who does lots of good in her community and occasionally eats peanut butter with a fork straight from the jar.” Or, much more likely, “Eccentric Peace Corps employee who sometimes terrifies trainees with stories about flea larvae living under your toenails.” Or even, “Misguided youth who thinks reading blogs and wearing tie dye dresses outside of a Woodstock coffee shop is appropriate mid-afternoon behavior. Starts with ‘M’.”

I don’t have any serious (or particularly funny) blog content to give you today. I suppose I could do a whole entry about the really zany search phrases that land people on my blog (to the 30 or so of you who searched “short skirt blonde” only to find yourselves at this entry, I apologize for your inevitable disappointment) but that would be even more boring than this entry already is. Alas! This post is, generally speaking, meaningless. I mostly just wanted to acknowledge my return to the land of the wired. And perhaps celebrate the fact that in a world of very serious questions and grave events, you can shamelessly be meaningless from time to time. So here. Relax, make some tea, dig out that book of crosswords and unwind on this breezy Friday afternoon. But first, enjoy some pictures of me sporting the pair of eye-bleedingly colorful tie-dye pillowcase-shaped dresses I picked up for a song in the Mombasa marketplace over the past month. Local women wear them year-round, but I can’t stop considering how awesome they’ll be when the hot season returns and it’s a hundred and Dante degrees outside for four solid months.

I was going for Fashion Model Intensity – or at the very least, angry and hungry, which is modelish enough – but I think I just look confused. Perhaps my fierceness was dampened by all those plantain chips. Shout out to my darling friend Mrs. Kristina W. for the matching headband.

Don’t judge the hair. Or the dress. Or the bags under my eyes. Or the anything. At least I’m smiling.

Fair warning: if you complain about this post, I’ll go back to posting pictures of my VERY INTERESTING MOTHS, and I don’t think anyone could handle that.