I write this from my usual spot on my bedroom floor – the cement is cooler than sitting on a cushion, you see – as I load about 200 photos from my memory card onto my hard drive. You will see them; at least, you will see a few. Lakini bado. Not yet. My vacation was thrilling to the point where I fully expect ballads to be written about it after my death, but something about spending 87.3% of my time during the last two weeks on an endlessly-changing combination of trains, planes, and automobiles has left me even less coherent than usual. Also, laundry calls.

But fear not, loyal readers! (All six of you!) I’ll be blogging about my experiences in the northern Rift Valley soon. In the meantime, however, there are a few things I need to attend to first: making lesson plans for the term, getting back to work prepping supplies for Transition to Womanhood workshops, scrubbing the last of Lodwar’s talcum-powder-like dust out of my hair, and of course, the most important decision of the new year – which wall calendar shall I hang for 2012?

Should I go with the World’s Worst Dictators compilation

or the International Criminal Court Commemorative Edition?

Decisions, decisions. (Click each picture to see them larger, in all their tasteless magnificence. Play your own error-finding games! I’ll start you off: Gaddafi is listed as the dictator of Turkey, which has been hastily covered in white-out fluid.)

ETA: I have been informed that the “dictator” listed for Romania is in fact a famous/talented Eastern European pop star. This of course only adds to the absurd hilarity of the calendar, in my view. However, I would imagine his fans disagree, if the sheer volume of capslock-y rage-filled hatemail about what an “idyot” I am is anything to judge by. Alas. (Polite comments appreciated; yes, I see your point now.) Still, I can check “I’m kind of a big deal in Romania right now” off my bucket list.