I know I’ve already done a lengthy post about witchcraft and the strength of its place in the cultural lexicon of Kenya. It never ceases to amaze, really. As a follow-up a colleague sent me, I’d like to direct your attention to the linked article, published several weeks ago in one of Kenya’s national newspapers. It’s short. Read it. (Points of reference: the KCPE is an exam taken by all Kenyan students in eighth grade to determine whether or not they will advance to secondary school. In my district, about 20% of students who take it do well enough to continue their education. The stakes are rather high, as you can imagine; in some districts parents have actually responded to low national ranks with violence against Class 8 teachers.)

Kwale Leaders Blame Witches For Poor Test Scores

At a mean of 134 out of the total 500 marks, Makamini InLands assistant minister Gonzi Rai’s semi-arid Kinango constituency shared the last position countrywide with Muhaka in Omar Zonga’s fertile sugar belt Msambweni constituency.