I post this with the full knowledge that there may never be a “Monday Morning Mix Tape, Part 2” – I’m just playing around with the idea. Pop music as we know it basically *is a product of Africa,* by the by. So the next time you’re having to apologize for Party Rocking, spare a thought for this corner of the world. There’s a LOT of legitimate local talent, even if you don’t like reggae or very outdated Congolese gospel, which are more-or-less the prevailing genres. I’m going to share a bit with you now.

That, and I’ve had this song rattling around in my head for FOUR DAYS and thought maybe sharing the misery would end the curse.

Please enjoy.

Note: I present this video purely as a matter of cultural interest, and without the intention of expressing any political commentary. Bila maoni yote. SINA mawazo juu ya serikali ama siasa (si ndio, Lorenzo?) Kwa kweli. Kweli kabisa. ::cough::