My service here is winding down. Only now, after my close-of-service conference (which I will be happy to tell you about in more detail soon), is it beginning to feel even remotely real. Instead of vaguely saying “end of July … ish?”, I have an actual date of departure: Friday, July 13th.

On July 13th, I will board a plane out of Kenya, the country that’s been my home for two years.

On July 13th, I will turn in my official Peace Corps ID and return to being just regular old boring Megan.

On July 13th, I will start the next leg of my adventure, which will take me to a dozen countries over the course of about seven weeks.

On July 13th, I say my goodbyes and start towards home.


I have much more to say, of course, but I’m currently in Nairobi for my COS medical appointments, and I’m fairly certain someone wants to be sticking me with needles RIGHT NOW. (Including another HIV test! Do you know your status? Please get checked! Click here to find a test site near you!) So you’ll have to wait for pictures, hilarity, and my general thoughts on endings for a little while longer.

How does the time go so fast?