… and now want to do something productive with your money, have I got the opportunity for you! Or maybe you just covet my stripey pink makeup case and want a solution easier than dressing in all black and breaking into my house in the dead of night to steal it. I don’t want to sound like I’m shilling for Takaungu Sewing Club – this blog never has, and never will, be a vehicle for phony, enthusiastic endorsement – but Internet-Famous Kate popped into the comments with this:

If anyone reading your blog wants to order, I am happy to facilitate. My email is kcrowley[at]eastafricancenter[dot]org. Thanks!

So, there you go folks. A couple of you asked privately or on facebook, and here it is! Have at it, if you like. We’ll return to normal blog programming tomorrow, with a 100% reduction in product placement. I promise.

Fully-lined totebags/beach bags/”conference bags”/reuseable Whole Foods bags

Adjustable apron

Multi-pocketed zippered handbag/laptop bag/diaper bag/whatever

Fold-over messenger bag with adjustable neck/shoulder strap and front/back zippered pockets

NB: Those colorful little cardboard tags you see on the straps of things are little notes with the name of the creator and a description of what they do. You can leave them on to feel good about yourself, or just yank it off when you start to use the item. It’s not some permanent feature.