When I get back to the United States, I’m going to forgo my original intentions of pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology and instead enter show business. Or, rather, ~!~!~!SHOW BUSINESS!~!~!~. You see, I’ve come up with the idea for a game show that’s sure to be a hit:

When a Peace Corps volunteer prepares to move, all his or her clothes have to be washed, hung on the line, THEN sorted into “keep” and “leave” piles. I do mean everything: the long-sleeve pajama bottoms that have been mashed into the back of the clothes cupboard, the hoodie that hasn’t been touched since arriving in the tropics. For the purposes of our game show, we will haphazardly toss all of the clothes belonging to an individual PCV into a laundry basket, then get distracted and forget about them for a week or so. Then, on live television, the basket of clothes will be presented to the game show contestant. He or she is to reach into the pockets blindly, and whatever lies inside constitutes his or her winnings.

And I shall call the show, “Five Bucks or a Camel Spider.”


The best ideas really do come from lived experience, wouldn’t you agree?