Counterclockwise: Malarone, a daily suppressant of the plasmodium (malaria-causing parasites) hiding in my liver. Bilhicide, a five-enormous-tablets-at-once drug to kill any bilharzia (egg-laying snails) that may be lurking in my spinal column – which is almost as unpleasant for me as for the snails, if the volunteer legends are true. Ciproflaxin, for bacterial guests making themselves overwelcome. Penaquinine, a potent anti-malarial to be taken once I’m out of malaria zones for good to slaughter those that escaped the Malarone. Albendazole, to shut down the ongoing intestinal worm party in my gut. Guess Peace Corps isn’t really over, regardless of what my paperwork says, until I flush my village out of my system for good. All balanced on the brim of my Peace Corps 50th Anniversary cap, with my official RPCV:Kenya service pin in the center.

So yeah. That happened.

I’m not a Peace Corps volunteer anymore, but a “Returned” Peace Corps volunteer (RPCV.) I join an alumnae network over 200,000 strong, including such great folks as , Pulitzer prize-winning journalists Josh Friedman and Leon Dash, Newbery Award-winning author Mildred Taylor, Netflix founder Reed Hastings, Lucasfilms president Gordon Radley, NBC host Chris Matthews, and former US Senator Chris Dodd.

I put “Returned” in big useless “scare quotes” because of course, I am technically no such thing – I am still traveling. I have a dozen or so countries standing between me and home (wherever “home” is) and intend to blog about it as often as I can. If you’ve been enjoying my writing so far – and there are a lot of you out there, I am perpetually humbled and flattered to say – please do stick around until the ride comes to a full stop in September. The content will probably be less about personal experiences of PC and deep cultural issues (although those are just there in the archive for you!) but more travelogue, picture-heavy, disaster-narrowly-averted-but-adventure-victoriously-achieved type stuff. (Did I mention my autobiography will probably be called, “‘It’s Ok, We Don’t Need The Guide’ and Other Great Ideas?”) Shark diving, lion stalking, geothermal lagoons, and a midnight train from Istanbul await me over the next 40-odd days.

I couldn’t be more excited.