• Wronging Rights – Not Peace Corps affiliated in any way, merely an exceedingly witty yet well-informed blog about African issues and their portrayal in the media.
  • Do The Right Thing – Blog of a fellow Peace Corps Kenya volunteer, Helen
  • Have Stethoscope, Will Travel – Blog of Lorenzo, my language training partner and PCV near Baricho.
  • Under African Skies – Blog of Louis, another coastal(ish) PCV. Louis wears awesome hats to match his awesome self.
  • Wild Himalayan Air – Blog of a development economics student and tea aficionado living/studying abroad in Nepal. She’s also a dear friend of mine. Tell her I said “hi.”
  • Wandering, Not Lost – My colleague Michael is also a Peace Corps public health volunteer in Kenya. He rarely updates his blog, but we try to like him anyway.
  • The Strawberry Blonde Stranger – What happens when you transplant a quiet Texan journalist into the heart of Kenya? Read this blog to find out.
  • Lost in Kenya – The blog of a small business development volunteer in Kenya.

    Information About Kenya:

  • Lonely Planet: Kenya
  • Kenyan Human Rights Comission
  • Election Crisis: Kenya, 2007-8 Wikipedia’s overview of the last time the international news service paid attention to Kenya
  • Letter From Nairobi: For Gikuyu, Of Gikuyu, an essay by Binyavanga Wainaina (In English)
  • Kwani? Kenya’s literary magazine

    General African Topics:

  • – A media resource for all African news
  • BBC Africa – More of the same
  • How Not To Write About Africa
  • K’Naan: Official Site – Website of the Somali rapper K’naan (if you listen to his music, there’s no turning back – IT’S ADDICTIVE. If I had a nickel for every time I listened to “Dreamer” while working on my thesis …)
  • PC-related Links:

  • Peace Corps Official Website – In case you want to start your own adventure.
  • Peace Corps Journals – Where volunteers blog
  • Peace Corps Wiki – User-maintained “wikipedia”-type website where you can get information about PC and the PC experience. I found is extraordinarily helpful while I was applying.
  • Unofficial Peace Corps Yahoo! Network – A place for volunteers, past volunteers, and applicants to gather and discuss whatever. Much of it is RPCVs answering applicant questions, which can be a very useful and comforting resource when applying.