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So! Even though I’m alllll excited about blogging from Kenya, the fact is that my internet situation is … in question. I won’t know how much internet access I’ll have, or what kind, etcetc. One way I can certainly be reached, however, is via old-fashioned snail-mail. During training (that is, until mid-July) I can receive LETTERS at the following address:

Kathleen Megan Humphreys, Peace Corps Trainee

P.O. Box 698-00621

Village Market

Nairobi, Kenya

This also appears on the “HOW TO CONTACT ME” page, in case you lose track of this post. Look in the lefthand sidebar *points*.

If you want to send me a care package, thereby ensuring my eternal and undying gratitude/karmic debt/understanding that I will owe you my firstborn child, you can use this address, but there are some additional considerations.

Instructions for sending me a package are available on the “HOW TO CONTACT ME” link in the sidebar. If you want the package to actually make it, you probably ought to follow them.

Finally, if you want ME to send YOU a letter or postcard from Kenya, e-mail me your snail mail address to mhumphreys10[at]gmail[dot]com. I can’t promise how often I will write, but I will certainly try! I promise I’ll send you something eventually 😀

Kenyan Flag

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