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Heeeeere kitty kitty kitty …

No, I didn’t get to pet this one.

I realize I haven’t posted *any* photos yet, so I’m going to try to post one a week from here until the end of time, at least as best I can. To start off is one I didn’t even take myself; my friend Louis did.

Last weekend, some fellow PCVs and I left downtown Nairobi and headed out to do safari park type things. We’d been in Africa four months; it’s about time, right? At one sanctuary, we were able to feed the giraffes handfuls of little pellets. Giraffes have these giant crazy black nine-inch tongues; I’m laughing like an idiot because half a second before this shot was taken, the pictured critter had wrapped his tongue around my wrist. GOD IT FELT SO WEIRD.

But it was a really, really good day.

Kenyan Flag

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